5 Unexplored Places near Jodhpur

If you are looking for some off tracks places to visit near Jodhpur, you have chosen the right place to look for.

NAGAUR- it is a district in Rajasthan, which is famous for its annual cattle festival, which is help in the month of January or February. That’s not all; here are some more places to look forward to like Nagaur fort, kunjal mata temple, ajmeri gate and cenotaph of ruler Amar Singh.

NATHDWARA- it is a small town located in the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. This place is home of Shrinath ji temple, it is situated from 14th century.


BUNDI- this is a very peaceful district of Rajasthan. People here are real friendly and you can actually feel the warmth in the local’s hospitality. Some great views in Bundi are raniji ki baoli, garh palace, and such mahal and garadia mahadev temple.

GUNGA- it is a traditional village which is still unexplored from tourism point of view. If you want to experience real local culture, this could be your place.

AJMER- the main attraction of the city, is the famous- AJMER SHARIF DARGAH, which is built by Shah Jahan. People across the country have faith in the power of this place, mostly visited by the people who are facing sentimental situation.

How to Find a Fast, Reliable and Trustworthy Local Taxi Services in Jaipur

There are thousands of companies in the market, who offers the same thing, now the question is how to find the most reliable and trustworthy services.

Here are some tips on how to find a trustworthy and reliable taxi service;

First, you need to check their website; the reviews comments of different people could help you to make a decision. Checking the website gives you the knowledge about the company and other information related to.

taxi service

After knowing about the company, you must discuss it with your friends and family to know their review. Suggestions could give you a lot of help as your relatives may know the experience with the company.

At last, all we can suggest is to try it yourself, all the reliability and trustworthy can only be determined if you use it the services by yourself. You can’t get to a conclusion unless you yourself try it.

These were some of the tips to decide whether a taxi service is reliable and trustworthy for you.

Explore the pink city with Jaipur darshan rental package!

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There are many beautiful places to visit in the pink city of Rajasthan;

Hawa Mahal: also known as the palace of winds famous because of its architecture and designs.

Nahargarh: situated on the edge of the Aravalli hills.

Jaigarh: famous because the heaviest cannon is placed, which was earlier owned by maharaja’s and owned by the government.

Jantar Mantar: this was the seat of Maharaja of Jaipur.

Albert Hall: this is the oldest museum in the state and it is the also the state museum of Rajasthan.
Taxi services provide you per hour rates system for your visits and let you enjoy your tour in peace and joy.

Best cab and taxi services in Jaipur

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Airport Cab Services In Jaipur

LetsGoCabs provides you the best airport cab services in Jaipur while taking care of all your requirements. We provide you one way services as well for the airports which make your journey more comfortable and easy.

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6 Quick Car Rental Tips

To simplify the process of renting a car here are some simple tips;

Book early- making an early booking also gives you the primary benefits like the prize the book your cab could be on lower amount, and another benefit you get is of selecting your favorite car for the trip.

Look for promos and upgrades- now days people in order promote their company, introduce new offer of discount and vouchers. All you have to do is to keep an eye on these schemes and grab them.

car rental

Selection of vehicle- selecting the car is the most important decision as your safety comes first when you travel with your family so choose the safest and comfy car, but make sure which ever car you choose must have the durability and quick on the roads.

Avoid the peak time- to avoid rush and chaos you must avoid the time when people travels a lot like in summer and winter vacations. As per high demands of the cars at peak time could be expensive for you to travel.

Have fun- renting car for experiencing the vacation could add a lot fun to it, in case you need to upgrade your car for better luxury don’t be hesitate in doing so, because what all matters in the end is how beautiful experience you had.

How to Choose Taxi Service While Visiting Jaipur

Taking a time out for a trip with your family or friends is the best way to chill out and have fun. Choosing a place like Jaipur is very convenient to enjoy as you can see a variety of places to go from Hawa Mahal to palaces to ancient temples. Before choosing Jaipur you must check regarding the availability of taxi services, therefore here are some tips on how to choose taxi service while visiting Jaipur;

CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION: Before choosing cab or taxi service for your journey, you must be clear regarding the place you want to visit. So that you can book the taxi as per places you want to go. I don’t have any idea regarding your trip, you may not able to choose the right cab service.


TRANSPORT FACILITIES: When it comes to choosing the facilities while traveling, you would always go with a comfortable option. Nobody would compromise with their quality of comfort while moving from one place to another.

ONLINE BOOKING: Nowadays a lot of taxi booking services are available online. And being a part of this running life you have to upgrade yourself with time. In fact, online booking saves a lot of energy and resources.

CHOOSING THE BEST OPTION: Choosing the best among thousands of sites is quite tricky. So if you want to find the best taxi service provider you need to put some efforts like checking the reputation of the company, reviews of their customers, their facilities and many more.

Car booking service in Jaipur

LetsGo cabs offer you the best car booking service in Jaipur. We offer you the different variety of cars with suits your desire and budget as well. We care about your every single requirement like neat and tidy cars, security of your stuff, trust towards the customer and many more.

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The drivers in our company are well qualified and excellent in their work; they all are permitted by the transportation department and do not have any criminal records in the statements.

We make sure that you grab a lot of good experiences and make good memories for your trip and us.

We mostly focus on the requirements of the customer and do all necessary things to make you comfortable with this service.

For better and quality services we also offer many services like discount offers, cash-backs and many more.

The needs and requirements of the customers are well understood and delivered to them through services.

How Do You Get The Best Cab Service in Jaipur?

Nowadays, renting a car at the best rate is quite a long process, as you have to check the number of deals before renting the car.

But if you don’t have time to go through all those lists, check our website for best experiences in renting cars or Cab Service in Jaipur.

Some of the tips for getting a good deal for hours, weekends or airport Cab Service in Jaipur;

HOURS: If your rental is last minute and your need for the car is for some hours, then you must check the last minute’s special offer of the agency you go for. This is the best way to rent a car for as low as 8 rupees per hour.


WEEKENDS: Most of the peeps rent cars for weekends, as this is the time you enjoy and experience something great and getting a fair deal is very important, for the best rate you need to put some extra effort as well but if you are lazy to do that just check in on our website. We offer you the best deal we suit you the best.

AIRPORT RENTALS: Renting cars typically for airports are usually a bit expensive than non-airport locales. If you don’t mind some inconvenience you can also go for public transports which could save a lot of money. But if you want to rent a car at the airport you must do it as earlier as possible, as the sooner you will book, the more you will save. And if a better deal comes along you can always your deal for free and hire it at the lower price.