Explore the Pink City

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There square measure several stunning places to go to within the pink town of Rajasthan;

Hawa Mahal: conjointly called palace of winds noted owing to its design and styles.

Nahargarh: placed on the sting of the Aravalli hills.

Jaigarh: noted as a result of the heaviest cannon is placed, that was earlier closely-held by maharajas and closely-held by the govt.
Jantar mantar: this was the seat of maharajah of Jaipur.

Albert hall: this is often the oldest repository within the state and it’s the conjointly the state repository of Rajasthan.

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Why to Rent a Car for a Road Trip?

Road trips are so much fun and one the best ways to live your life. For most of the people including myself road trip is the best ways to get my mind on track. Nowadays we live so busy life that we forget to enjoy our life.

Road trips are meant for exploring different places having great adventures and enjoying your life to the fullest.

Once in a lifetime, one must go on a road trip with your loved ones. Spending time with someone that to while making it more special for them is the best thing you can do for someone.


For a road trip, the most essential requirement is of a car. And why go for the hassle when you can rent a car for your journey and a driver along with the car.

Enjoying a hassle-free road trip needs some efforts done by you like a car and a driver for the better experience.

Cabs are the easiest way to make your road trip a real by eliminating the hassle of parking and driving. Driving is the most concentrated activity where you need to focus and while driving it’s quite difficult to have fun.

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Vehicles for Hire and Ensuring Passenger Safety

Now days safely comes first while hiring a vehicle. In some of the tragedies where the hired vehicle was involved came in front. And now the main focus of the customer is on their safety measures.

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Many people lose their life because of their carelessness and regret it later. So better take care before something happens. Life never gives another chance.

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Explore the pink city with Jaipur darshan rental package!

Planning to visit the beauty of pink city but do not want the chaos of driving, finding parking and etc. To rid of all these problems lets go cabs provides car rental packages for Jaipur darshan within your budget.

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car rental packages

There are many beautiful places to visit in the pink city of Rajasthan;

Hawa Mahal: also known as the palace of winds famous because of its architecture and designs.

Nahargarh: situated on the edge of the Aravalli hills.

Jaigarh: famous because the heaviest cannon is placed, which was earlier owned by maharaja’s and owned by the government.

Jantar Mantar: this was the seat of Maharaja of Jaipur.

Albert Hall: this is the oldest museum in the state and it is the also the state museum of Rajasthan.
Taxi services provide you per hour rates system for your visits and let you enjoy your tour in peace and joy.

6 Quick Car Rental Tips

To simplify the process of renting a car here are some simple tips;

Book early- making an early booking also gives you the primary benefits like the prize the book your cab could be on lower amount, and another benefit you get is of selecting your favorite car for the trip.

Look for promos and upgrades- now days people in order promote their company, introduce new offer of discount and vouchers. All you have to do is to keep an eye on these schemes and grab them.

car rental

Selection of vehicle- selecting the car is the most important decision as your safety comes first when you travel with your family so choose the safest and comfy car, but make sure which ever car you choose must have the durability and quick on the roads.

Avoid the peak time- to avoid rush and chaos you must avoid the time when people travels a lot like in summer and winter vacations. As per high demands of the cars at peak time could be expensive for you to travel.

Have fun- renting car for experiencing the vacation could add a lot fun to it, in case you need to upgrade your car for better luxury don’t be hesitate in doing so, because what all matters in the end is how beautiful experience you had.

Budget Friendly Locations For College Trip!

College trips with friends are always among the best memories of your life, where you have a lot of fun with your buddies along with limited budgets.

Here are some budget-friendly locations for college trips:

Jaipur – The pink city is the best place to enjoy the traditions of your country, a city with lots of mysterious stories, forts, and tasty food, Chokhi Dhani is the best place to enjoy the best taste of the food of Rajasthan.


Rishikesh – a place full of adventures and adventurous experiences. This is the place where you can actually enjoy things like rafting, rock climbing, trekking and much more. It is the best place to visit with your friends and enjoy camping and other stuff.

Amritsar- a place which keeps your heart pure. Delicious food and Golden temple are the pride of Punjab. It is the place where you can actually grab some knowledge while having fun like the history of Jallianwala Bagh, India-Pakistan border.

Bhangarh fort- best for the adventurous road trip where you can actually enjoy a lot of mysterious stuff like stories behind the fort which is also famous for being most haunted place in India.

Manali- best place to enjoy the greenery and chilled weather. This place is also famous as many films have been recorded here, which makes the location more exciting. It is the best place to enjoy with friends all with a chilled weather and tea like the perfect combination.

The best way to enjoy your trips now days is to rent a car and enjoy your journey with independence. But sometime this independence can rip you off completely, therefore finding a cheap way to rent a car is the only option left. Letsgo cabs provide best Car Rental Services.