Jaipur: A Quick and Handy Travel Guide

Jaipur is one of the most amazing places to experience the royal life. Jaipur has always been the favourite spot for travelling, its culture, food and customs are the major source of attraction to the people. And here is some list of things you should never miss will being in Jaipur. LetsGo Cabs Provides Best Cabs in Jaipur. LetsGo Cabs offer you the different variety of cars with suits your desire and budget as well. Book online at discounted prices.

Rajasthan is famous for its amazing forts as for its design and beautiful architecture. There are many palaces and Forts one must give a look to know the old culture which has been followed since a very long time.

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Hawa Mahal – also famous as palace of winds, the main purpose of this palace was to give a hidden view to the women of the royal house so that they can secretly keep an eye on the activities going on the streets.

Jaigarh – this fort is the impression of bravery, the highest Canon is placed on the top of Jaigarh Fort. The fort was build to protect Jaipur, its architecture was made in such a mysterious way that nobody could enter into the fort without knowledge of the routes.
City Palace – it’s been the residence of the royal people, and is designed in typical Rajputs style architecture. Now also provides night stay to people whosoever wants to experience the royal life.

Some amazing dishes you have to try;

Ghewar – it’s a sweet dish especially made on the occasion of Gangaur. Amazing flavours of almonds and pistachios gives an amazing taste to the dish.

Dal bati – one of the popular dishes of Rajasthan is Dal bati, if you are in Rajasthan and you haven’t tried Dal bati you haven’t tried anything worth being in Rajasthan.

Kachori – it is a fried snack served with sweet and savoury chutney. Its amazing taste makes your day great.

All the transport facilities are available in Jaipur, Rajasthan. People who wants to come here by air can book their air tickets, those who prefer trains can book their train tickets and other who prefer to travel by road are also welcome here. All the preferences are available here so that you can experience a comfortable journey.

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Jaipur is the beautiful place to spend a holiday, its royalty, culture and tradition are the major source of attraction for tourist.
Travel and tourism is fount to feel fresh and energetic to deal with your hectic schedules. If you’re going through a stressful life, travelling is the best therapy.

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Amer Fort – the best architecture example of rajputana style. This fort is famous for royal rides, amazing views and the beautiful tradition followed by people. Amer fort is situated at the top of the hill.

Man Sagar Lake – Man Sagar Lake is a beautiful place surrounded by water and gives an amazing view in the night sky full of stars.
Hawa mahal – this fort was made for the queens so that they can enjoy the view outside of the fort as the queens were not allowed to step out of the forts so this palace was made to provide a secret view of the market.

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People for whom travelling is life, Rajasthan is one of the amazing place one must visit in their life. Rajasthan trips are much easy nowadays, the transport facilities has evolved so much that many direct flights are been introduced from Rajasthan for the better comfort to the people. So in future if you plan to come to Rajasthan never give it a second thought because of the transport facility.

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There are many Rajasthan tour packages available to you which can make your trip budget effective and memorable as well. Rajasthan has lot of attracted tourist from across the world because of their rich culture, heritage, forest, Desert, Safari and wildlife. Rajasthan is the place which has something for everything and this is the best quality of this place that everybody wants to be here for once in their lifetime.

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