Top 10 Cab Service Provider of India

In the modern times, cabs have become immensely popular among the people of India. And the best part of these cabs is their charge is possible for every class of person, along with that it also offers you discounts coupons’ and vouchers which is like adding sugar to your coffee.

Top 10 cab services providers in India are;

Meru cabs were the first ever launched radio cars. And they were launched in Mumbai for the first time. After sometime when they showed a good response it was launched in four metro cities which were Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Star taxis came up with modern fleets like air-conditioned cabs, GPS enabled with the star name star city taxi brand name.

Tab cabs were introduced in Mumbai for the people who are unaware of the roads, where all you have to do is just call on the number and your ride would reach you in a minute or two.

Mega cabs were India’s finest metered radio cabs where they were introduced with computerized communication and GPS system in them. They are also a part of official airports taxi partners.

Cel cabs were launched by an enterprising group of some brilliant group of the entrepreneur; they wanted to help people on the large scale in the country. So they made a service which gave people value for money.

Wings radio cabs were the most reliable cabs in Pune, with all the facilities.

City cool cabs were introduced with the sole purpose of providing first class service in reasonable rates in Mumbai.

OLA cabs are the most popular cabs nowadays in the metro cities. Ola has provided many services to their customer in respect of their comfort.

Uber cabs are quite new in the market where there are already thousands of taxis available in the market.

LetsGo cabs are developing their ranks in terms of their customer satisfaction and their quality rides.

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