Tips for Travelers in Jaipur

Jaipur is a place where you see a lot of traditions altogether and all with different customs. As a visitor of Jaipur one must try to know to every story behind these customs.

Tips for a traveller in Jaipur is simple just have fun and enjoy the traditional and for some real tips just go ahead;

Just follow the city and you will not face any problem. Follow the customs and dressing style and all other etiquettes which are necessary to get adopted in the city.

The currency in India is rupees and you can get your money exchanged with rupee at any airport and other exchange bureaus. For comfort journey you must carry Indian currency with you because this is the basic survival stage.

The weather of Jaipur is extreme in its condition like it’s extremely hot, humid and dry in summer whereas it’s super cold in the winters. So make sure you are carrying your clothes as per the weather of the place.

Another tip is transportation just remember India is the country which is full of traffics so just make sure you going anywhere by taxi or cabs because they are best transportation service available to you. LetsGo cabs offer you the best Cab Service in Jaipur.

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