Hire Guide from LetsGo Cabs

LetsGo Cabs provides exclusive tours for travelers through our carefully chosen network of local tour guides, each of whom is keen to share their knowledge, experience and proficiency. The tourists we serve want to do unique things, experience the authenticity of a place and see its culture through the eyes of a local guy. They are supposedly curious, socially conscious and value seeing their travel spending directly benefit the people who live in the communities they visit.

Our guides are entrepreneurial, passionate people proud of the places they live. Via them, we are able to suggest a variety of tours, including 'off the beaten track' tours that reflect local culture and a diversity of traveler interests.

If you are travelling alone or be it a group of women traveler, then we also offer female tour guides for Jaipur sightseeing. The cost of a tour guide for one day (8 hours) is ₹ 1100 INR. Customizations available!